Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staying Positive

It's easy to be positive and upbeat when things are going well. The real challenge, is when life starts handing you problem after problem where it is much more of a struggle to remain positive when there are difficulties swirling around you. And yet, that is the time when a positive outlook can make the biggest difference.

Staying positive in the midst of troubles does not mean that you should live in a state of denial, refusing to even acknowledge your problems. Rather, you must clearly see the problems and all their implications, and refuse to let them get you down. Then go beyond that, and look for how you can turn the negative into a positive.

In every difficulty, there is opportunity.

In order to see that opportunity, you must look for it. That means looking clearly and objectively at the problem - free of self pity or wishful thinking.

You can be positive, no matter what.

Don't deny your problems, and don't let them deny you.

-Ralph Marston

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