Saturday, April 21, 2012

There Is A Way

After striving for a while and making little or no headway, we're sometimes tempted to give up. That's why most people never enjoy any significant kind of success.

The lack of progress is not a reason to give up, but rather a reason to adjust the approach. If one way is not working, there are probably a hundred, or a thousand other approaches that haven't yet been attempted.

There is a way to get where you want to go. If the first few attempts fall short, keep looking for another way. Learn what you can from your disappointing results, and then try a different approach.

Practice being persistent without being stubborn. There's no need to keep doing something that doesn't work. Yet there is no reason to give up. There is a way, and you'll find it when you persist.

Just because you find yourself at a dead end, does not prevent you from reaching your destination. There's another road that will take you there. Keep looking and you'll find it!

- Ralph Marston

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