Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow Going

Sometimes the going is slow. Yet the important thing is not to stop. Even a little progress is an advance in the right direction, and anyone can make a little progress.

If you can't accomplish something big today, accomplish something little. Small streams eventually become mighty rivers. Keep going.

What seemed out of reach this morning, will be closer by this evening if you'll just keep moving forward. Every moment you spend intensely and passionately working toward your goal, gets you that much nearer.

It is vastly more difficult to get started again, when you've stopped completely. So keep going. Don't waste the momentum you've already built. There's something you can do right now, today, this moment. It may not be much but it will keep you in the game.

Go fast when you're able. Go slow when you must. Whatever you do, keep going.

-Ralph Marston

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