Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Integrity (ketulusan / sifat jujur dan lurus) is something that a lot of people talk about, but to have integrity, it takes more than talk. It's easy to show integrity when things are going good. The real test of a person's integrity is how they perform under adversity/hardship.

The winners in life realize that life is interconnected -- that the things you do today will come back to you at some point. So even when things are going bad, winners perform with integrity. They realize that a good reputation is worth far more than any momentary gain that taking advantage of someone might bring them.

Several keys to maintaining a reputation for integrity:

1.Recognize the other side's expectations of you. Know exactly what you are expected to do.

2.Fulfill any and all promises that you make.

3.Develop an attitude of promising less and performing more.

4.Follow up on everything you do and make sure the person you did it for is completely satisfied.

5.Whenever there is a problem, rather than getting all upset, use it as an opportunity to establish greater impact.

6.Be true to your word.

7.Be sensitive to others' needs and the value that society has for your contributions.

Basically, integrity comes from having a sincere respect for yourself and respect for other people. And when you have integrity, you'll develop relationships that will carry you wherever you want to go.

-Ralph Marston

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