Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do The Groundwork

The mighty tree grows from a seed in two directions. Before it grows upward to the sky, it sends shoots down into the ground, its roots. The roots anchor and nourish the tree, so it can then grow to be tall and magnificent.

For every tree that reaches high into the sky, there are firm roots -- unseen, yet absolutely critical. Without the roots, the tree would topple, or it would wither from lack of water and nourishment.

When we look at a person of accomplishment and success, we often see the tree, but not the roots. Success looks so easy in others, because we fail to see all the hard work and preparation that went into laying the foundation -- the roots -- for their success.

Lasting accomplishment is possible only when you have first built a solid foundation of discipline and preparation.

-Ralph Marston

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