Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keep Going

If you stop when you're halfway there, or even three quarters of the way there, or even nine-tenths of the way there, you'll never reach your destination.

It is exciting to get started, and it is a thrill to arrive. And the thing that makes it all happen is perseverance. There is no substitute for it.

When everything is working in your favor, keep going, for it would indeed be foolish to stop.

When things are working against you, keep going, and your determination will turn the tide.

The point is, keep going. There are no rewards for half of an accomplishment. You get no commission when you make three quarters of a sale. You can only win the race, when you run it through to the end. All the great ideas, and talent and genius in the world, cannot help you unless you persevere.

Know where you're going, and keep on going until you've made it all the way there.

-Ralph Marston

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