Saturday, April 16, 2011


Pain is a lesson waiting to be learned. And by paying heed to the lesson, we can transcend the pain.

If you touch a hot iron, it is painful. If you neglect to learn anything from the experience, the pain keeps coming back each time you touch the hot iron. When you learn the lesson that the pain has to teach, and avoid touching the hot iron, you never have to endure that pain again.

What can you learn from the pain in your life? In every pain there is a lesson. Sometimes it's a lesson of avoiding mistakes. Other times it is a lesson of learning to accept, value and triumph over the challenges we face.

Have you learned that you can't get something for nothing, or is your pain still trying to teach you that? Have you learned to live with purpose and focus, or are you still enduring the pain of learning that lesson?

Free yourself from pain, by learning what it has to teach.

-Ralph Marston

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