Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make It, Don't Take It

If you attempt to get what you want by taking it from others, you'll come up against strong resistance. Yes, it can be done, but why even bother? Even if you're able to do it, you can only take what is already there.

Instead, seek to create something new, and the possibilities are unlimited.

When you try to take what you want, people resist you. Yet when you resolve to make what you want, you gain the support of others who can feel the power of your creative dream.

The choice is yours.

If you're selling products, you can fight for a piece of the market share, or you can create your own market by offering a unique benefit that no one else can match.

If you're being considered for a promotion, you can try to "put down" the others who are being considered, or you can put that effort into improving your own performance.

Whatever you take from others can also be taken away from you.

Whatever you make is always yours.

- Ralph Marston

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