Sunday, July 11, 2010


Many things we can change, and some things we must endure. We grow by our endurance. Strength comes from adversity.

Often, the things we want to have in life, lie on the other side of hardship. We must pass through times of difficulty and extreme effort in order to reach our goals.

Almost anything worth having is not easily obtained, and the effort involved is what gives it value.

Endurance allows us to get where we're going. The higher the goal, the longer and more arduous the path. The more endurance we can muster, the more we can achieve.
Clearly seeing the end of the path, and keeping the goal in sight, makes endurance possible. We can hold up under amazing difficulty, when we know there's a purpose.

Keep your chin up, look forward, and endure what you must. It will make you what you want to be.
-Ralph Marston

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