Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When you're faced with setbacks and frustrations, take time to put things in perspective. Though the problems of the moment may seem overwhelming, that's just because you're so close to them. So step back.

Step back, and look at the big picture. How will this problem seem, a month from now, or a year?

When things seem to be going against you, think of all the things you've got going for you. Count your blessings and you'll be better able to handle the disappointments.

Look for joy in each moment. Even an obstacle can become a blessing, with the right attitude. Nothing works against you unless you let it.

You are more than the problem of the moment.

You have a whole wonderful life, and you live in a world with unlimited opportunity for joy and abundance. Take the setbacks in stride -- they are tiny compared to the overall joy of living.

-Ralph Marston

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