Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Can't Win 'Em All

It is unrealistic to expect that you'll continually achieve one victory after another. There will be disappointments along the way. Success is based on your ability to quickly recover from the losses and move on to the next task.

In anything you attempt, there will be setbacks. Does it make sense to compound the loss by dwelling on it? Of course not. Learn from it, yes -- you can almost always learn more from a loss than you can from a victory. And then put it behind you. Move forward with confidence.

When someone says 'no' to you, that's one more step on your path to success. Politely thank them and move on to the next person. When a deal falls through, move on to the next one with increased determination. Even the highest paid professional golfers only win a few of the many tournaments they enter.

No one can win every game. Anyone can be a winner, though, by refusing to be stopped by defeat.

- Ralph Marston

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