Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Life could not exist without a constantly maintained balance. Successful living demands balance on many levels.

Work like it matters, and live like it doesn't.

Do your best, and accept your worst.

Enjoy the beauty that is, and never let it make you complacent.

Visualize your dreams so that they are real enough to touch, and recognize the reality of the effort needed to achieve them.

Let your mind wander openly, and keep your efforts focused.

Carefully consider your options, and take decisive action.

Work hard, and relax completely.

Take risks, and protect yourself from threats.

Be compassionate, and be challenging.

Love, and be wary.

Be enthusiastic, and be discreet.

Give praise, and offer useful criticism.

Be outrageous, and always disciplined.

Live free, and practice moderation.

-Ralph Marston

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