Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raise Your Standards

The best way to keep from falling back, is to constantly move ahead. Look for ways to grow, in every area of your life. Continue to raise your expectations, and your standards.

Raise your standards in the work you do. Look for ways to provide additional value. Explore new techniques for working more efficiently and effectively. Question everything you do, and consider ways to do it better.

Raise the standards of the people you're with. If you're hanging out with whiners and complainers, they'll drag you down. Get around people who can inspire and challenge you.

Raise your health standards. No one should be sick and tired all the time. No matter what your age, you can feel great and have abundant energy if you'll commit to taking care of your body.

Raise the standards in the way you spend your time. Live life on purpose. Things like envy, regret, and revenge waste your precious time and accomplish nothing. Use your time to make positive contributions to your own life and the lives of others.

-Ralph Marston

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