Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Secret To Wealth

You can be as wealthy as the richest person alive. Right now! .. if you choose.

Wealth is more than money and property. Wealth is what you don't need. The less you need, the wealthier you are.

The opposite of wealthy is what? Needy!

So there are two ways to be wealthy. One is to accumulate more and more, to meet your ever increasing needs. This can be tricky, because usually as the means increase, so do the needs, even faster. The other way is to simply let go of your needs. And you can do that anytime you choose.

Ask yourself, what do you really NEED? Do you NEED 150 channels on your TV? Do you NEED a new car every two years? Do you NEED another drink or cigarette?

We're not really talking about money and material things here. We're talking about attitude. Money is a fine tool, one of the best. And material things can add beauty and richness to life.

Work for them, treasure them, enjoy them, use them to enrich your life, without needing them.

Let go of your need to possess and you are free to enjoy the limitless abundance of life.

-Ralph Marston

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