Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trying And Doing

Trying is not enough. Doing is the only thing that counts. In fact, trying can be worse than doing nothing at all. When you are "trying" to do something, you're under the illusion that you're actually doing something, and so you don't make any effort to do any more.

Trying is action without commitment. You might try today, yet there's no guarantee that it will continue tomorrow. On the other hand, doing something means that you're committed to taking action until you have accomplished it.

So what's the real difference between "trying hard" to do something, and actually doing it? Nothing, and everything. It's all in your attitude. To all outward appearances, trying is the same as doing. The big difference is inside. The big difference is -- how committed are you to getting it done?

Trying wastes a lot of time. When you're not committed to getting it done, you lack focus and effectiveness. Accomplishment comes through doing. When you make the commitment to do whatever it takes, you bring into focus the energy needed to succeed.

Trying will get you trials. Doing will get you results. Stop trying. Start doing.

-Ralph Marston

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