Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Matter What

Innovations come from people who have problems. Creativity springs from people who are dissatisfied. The biggest breakthroughs come from those people who face the most formidable challenges.

Great accomplishments are not made by those who say "I'll start on this when I have the time and the money." Greatness comes from those who find a way to express it, regardless of how limited their resources may be.

What is holding you back? Is it really your lack of resources, as you constantly tell yourself, or is that just a convenient excuse? The easiest way is rarely the only way. When was the last time you heard yourself say "no matter what"?

Stop waiting until things are perfect. The obstacles will always be there. They will never just go away. Find a way through them. Stop waiting for "if only" and start living "no matter what."

-- Ralph Marston

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