Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Your Rules To Live By

Everywhere you go, there are rules. Rules for driving, rules for doing business, rules for belonging to clubs, rules for work, rules for play.

Why are rules so common? Because they are so useful. Rules impose a healthy discipline and order, and make accomplishment possible.

If there were no rules of engineering and architecture, a building could not be constructed. If there were no rules for golf, the game could not be played. Yes, the rules are often abused, but that does not make them any less useful or necessary.

Do you have any rules for yourself? Without them, you're at the mercy of your momentary whims.

Your own set of rules, when followed with steadfastness, will keep you focused and effective. Making and following your own rules, gives you control over your life.

Live by your own rules, and you will rule your world.

-Ralph Marston

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