Thursday, November 11, 2010


It is easy to be at peace when things are peaceful. True peace is when you can also be peaceful during stressful times. And it is during those times, that a calm, peaceful approach can be particularly powerful.

True peace, inner peace, does not depend on outside circumstances. It depends on your self direction, your confidence, your purpose, your faith.

You always have power over your own reactions, your own thoughts, your own actions, and your own attitude. And no matter what happens, you can always choose to be at peace.

When the world around you is full of confusion and turmoil, put it all into perspective. Remind yourself of what's really important to you. Realize that those things which today seem so stressful, are temporary. A month from now, you probably won't even remember them!

Choose to focus on the joy, the beauty, and the possibilities that life can bring. Be at peace, and stay on the course you've chosen for yourself, moving steadily and purposefully toward fulfillment.

-Ralph Marston

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