Monday, November 22, 2010

Nobody's looking

What do you do when nobody is looking?

Do you work just as hard, do you remain just as reliable, are you just as responsible, are you just as considerate of others?

True success depends on what you do when nobody is looking. Because the things you do when nobody is looking, are driven by what you expect of yourself. And whatever you expect of yourself, is what you will become.

If you "cheat" when nobody's looking, you're cheating your own destiny. When you focus only on what you can "get by with", all you'll do is "get by."

The seeds for achievement are sown when nobody is looking. The Olympic athlete whose gold medal performance is watched by millions, spent years in training while nobody watched. The millionaire entrepreneur with a successful business, spent years working late into the night while nobody watched.

Nobody's watching. Now is the time to be your best, and rise above the crowd.

- Ralph Marston

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