Monday, October 11, 2010


A good, productive day of work enables you to have a great rest at night. A great rest at night enables you to have a good, productive day of work.

Life is a cycle of effort and rest. The effectiveness of each depends on the other. You cannot cheat this cycle. Sleep all night and day and you'll feel awful. Work (or play) all day and night and you'll be worthless the next day.

Maximum effectiveness requires balance. You've got to work hard, and you've got to stop along the way to rest and relax. Sometimes you can be more effective in your work, by doing less of it. Sometimes you can get a better rest, when you work a little harder.

Get out of balance, and nothing works right.

To live effectively, you must have balance -- in your diet, in your schedule, in your relationships, in your ideas, in your viewpoints. If you go too far out in one direction, you could topple over.

Think balance, and get the most from life.

-Ralph Marston

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