Friday, October 1, 2010

What's The Use If There Is No Use?

What good is anything, if you don't use it?

What good are your skills and abilities, if you don't make the most of them?

What good is being a parent, if you never have time for your children?

What good is having the latest technical wizardry, if you don't learn how to operate it?

What good is life, if you don't live it?

What good is knowledge, if you don't apply it.

What good is experience, if you don't learn from it?

What good is food, if you don't eat it.

What good is wealth, if you hoard it?

Possession has value, only when it has purpose. The only way to benefit from what you have, is to use it. Fulfillment comes not from how much you accumulate, but rather from how much you do, and build, and create and contribute. Live your abundance by putting it to use. Do all you can, with the good things you have.

-Ralph Marston

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