Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Who do you trust? How many people trust you?

If someone promises to do something, they might do it and they might not. There are a lot of promises flying around these days, promises which are only kept if it continues to serve the interest of the person making the promise. A conditional promise is worth only a little bit more than nothing at all.

Trust is much more meaningful. Trust is not created overnight. It does not come out of thin air. It is built over years of dependable experience.

A person who can be trusted, a person who is dependable, is valuable in any endeavor. Customers will willingly pay more to do business with someone they trust. Employers will pay higher salaries to keep people they trust.

Being trustworthy and dependable, besides being an honorable way to live, has measurable material advantages in business and in life. When people trust you, doors open to you, opportunities come to you.

Can you be trusted? Would you trust yourself? Be trustworthy and dependable, and the best people, with the best connections, the best resources, the best opportunities, the best jobs, and the best business contracts, will seek you out. It is well worth it, to be worthy of trust.

-Ralph Marston

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