Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of the biggest reasons that things never get done is the desire for perfection. We feel that we have to do something perfectly the very first time. If we don't think that's possible (and it rarely is), then we avoid doing it altogether.

In reality, the only way to even approach perfection is through practice and experience. Highly successful musicians, professional golfers, public speakers, surgeons and others who have mastered a particular discipline, know the value of experience. And experience consists largely of past mistakes. Mistakes are excellent teachers. They're nothing to be afraid of.

Of course anything worth doing is worth doing right. There's nothing wrong with having mastery as your goal. But if you're ever going to get anything done, you must start somewhere. If it's not perfect, so what? Give it your best shot and learn from the experience. If you could do everything perfect the first time, how would you ever learn anything? Learn and live by doing, not by wishing for perfection.

-Ralph Marston

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