Saturday, January 16, 2010


It is difficult for many people to keep weight off, but it is far easier to keep weight off than it is to lose weight. It's a bit of trouble to get the oil changed in your car, but it's easier than replacing your engine. Painting your house is difficult, but it is much easier to paint wood than it is to replace it if, unpainted, it rots. It is easier for a nation to prevent a war by strength than to fight a war that someone else starts.

Unfortunately, in our desire for new success, we often fail to maintain the things we already have. But in the end, keeping a constant vigilance pays off. When you put some time and effort into maintaining the good things in your life, then you are far better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Rust and rot are always waiting if you're not constantly on guard. Don't let them steal your life.

Life is less costly when you pay as you go. Don't neglect what you already have -- you may need it someday. Your physical possessions, your health, your relationships, your skills, your knowledge -- all these need regular attention lest you lose them to decay.

-Ralph Marston

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