Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enough Already

If you always wish for more, you will never know the peace and satisfaction of having enough. Realizing that you already have enough is one of the most profoundly empowering thoughts you can think.

Fully enjoying the first piece of cake does not prevent you from having a second. Yet obsessing over whether or not you'll get another piece will always prevent you from enjoying what you have.

It's great to be ambitious and to create new value. Yet that is best done from the position of power that comes with having enough.

Being satisfied does not mean you must be complacent. Being satisfied enables you to draw strength from your desires instead of letting them enslave you.

Discipline, integrity, commitment and effectiveness flow naturally from a strong sense of having enough. When you're truly accepting of where you are, your eyes are fully open to the best possibilities.

Understand that you already have enough. And you'll tap into the power of peaceful purpose.

- Ralph Marston

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