Friday, May 29, 2009

Yours To Give

The way to be respected is to be respectful. The way to be heard is to listen.

What do you wish to experience? Give it to others, and you will surely find it appearing and growing stronger in your own life.

To make a positive impression, find the qualities that are positive and valuable about every person you meet. What you send is amplified through the lives of others and comes back to you without fail.

Every day is filled with opportunities to offer genuine and meaningful kindness. The more of those opportunities you follow and fulfill, the richer your life becomes.

Advantages built on brute force and deception will crumble quickly. Achievements built on kindness, respect, understanding and love will continue to grow in value and influence.

Give, and as you do you'll be able to give more and more. The life of your dreams is now yours to give, and to fully experience.

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