Monday, October 5, 2009

Choose Your Commitments

You won't be able to commit to anything, if you try to commit to everything. Be willing to say no to the things that are not really important, and you'll be able to say yes, in a big way, to those things that are most meaningful.

A few, carefully selected, quality commitments will bring much more value to your life than a whole calendar full of shallow, relatively meaningless ones. The depth and meaning of life's experiences matter more than the sheer volume of them.
Just because you're busy, doesn't necessarily mean you're making real progress. Take some time to consider just where all that activity is taking you.

Life is filled with all sorts of wonderful opportunities for real fulfillment. There's no need to grab at everything that happens to come by.

Every single day is precious and unique. Spend each day moving life forward in a personally meaningful way.

Choose your commitments with care and grace, with love and purpose. Then you can truly know the joy of giving yourself fully to them.

-Ralph Marston

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