Friday, October 16, 2009

Never Quit

The only way to lose is to quit. As long as you continue to make the effort, you have not lost.

Everyone experiences setbacks. However, those who achieve the most, experience the most setbacks because they persist as long as it takes to reach each goal.

Does it ever seem that you are blocked in every direction? That's the time to get creative, become more flexible, and open yourself to the possibilities that are most certainly there.

Sometimes when you get stuck in a rut, the rut can suddenly and unexpectedly run out. What a great opportunity that can be for you to climb out of that rut, look around, and see all the valuable things you've been missing.

Never quit. Use each setback, each disappointment, and each success, as a cue to push on ahead with more determination than ever before.

Never quit, and you will create the life you choose.

-Ralph Marston

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