Sunday, April 4, 2010

Learn And Grow

We've all made mistakes. We've all done things that we've been ashamed of. Life is a learning experience, and mistakes are the most effective teachers.

Living successfully is not about avoiding mistakes, it is about learning from them. Making a mistake once is, in the long run, a blessing for what it teaches. Making the same mistake again and again -- now that's what you want to avoid!!.

To not learn from your mistakes is usually worse than to make them in the first place! The learning starts with accepting responsibility for your errors. Laying the blame on others will serve no useful purpose.

From the moment you're born, life is a learning and growing experience. Today you are more intelligent than you were yesterday. Today you are more mature than yesterday. Today you are more caring, more loving, more effective than ever before. You have grown and you continue to grow every day. The poor judgment you exercised yesterday is in the past, and you are the wiser for it.

Take comfort and delight in the new person you are always becoming. Go forward knowing that you are worthy and capable of every success.

- Ralph Marston

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