Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mental Sludge

As time goes on, it happens to drain pipes, car radiators, riverbeds and coronary arteries -- the build-up of sludge. If the sludge keeps coming and is never removed, it eventually leads to disaster.

Is there a build-up of dangerous sludge in your mind, as well? Years and years of negative thoughts, critical comments, assumptions, defeats and frustrations can deposit a layer of mental sludge that clogs your thinking and prevents your thoughts from flowing freely.

Think back to when you were a child. You were creative, open minded, curious. You believed that anything was possible. You had big dreams and big plans. Then the sludge began to cover them up. It is all still there, it's just buried. Deep inside, that creative, curious, resourceful person with big dreams is still there. It's still you.

Focus on the dreams and the sludge will start to melt away. Concentrate on the positive, and the possible, and your thoughts will start to flow freely. Unclog the negative thoughts and free your mind and yourself to do great things.

-Ralph Marston

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