Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Moment Is What It Is

Choose to accept all that comes your way and in it you will find great value. Resist the urge to impose your judgment on people, places, things and events that surround you, and you'll connect with many more possibilities.

To make the very best of any situation, you must first acknowledge and accept the reality of what it is. That provides you with a valuable starting point from which you can move in any direction you choose.

To deny or to fight against what has already happened, will merely waste your energy and resources. To wish that things had been different, or to pretend that they are, will do you no good.

Instead, visualize what can be in all the richness and detail that you can imagine. Then find a step you can take right now that will lead you in the direction of your dream.

Losers argue about what has happened and who is at fault, and put their energy into resentment for what is.

Winners choose the life they wish to create, and find a way to move toward it from any situation.

This moment is here and now, and this moment is what it is. Accept it fully, with enthusiasm and gratitude, and take a big step in the direction of your dream.

-Ralph Marston

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