Sunday, November 1, 2009


It is just as easy to succeed, as it is to fail.
It is just as easy to be kind, as it is to be cruel.
It is just as easy to listen, as it is to talk.
It is just as easy to save your money, as it is to waste it.
It is just as easy to call a friend, as it is to watch television.
It is just as easy to take a walk, as it is to take a nap.
It is just as easy to help someone, as it is to hurt them.
It is just as easy to have a positive outlook, as it is to be negative.
It is just as easy to get up at 5:30, as it is to get up at 8:00.

Life is determined by a series of choices, each one building on the one before. The significance of each individual choice may not seem that great. When added together, however, it is all the choices you make that combine to put you where you are today.

Most people agonize (berasa terseksa) over the big choices and don't even think about the little ones, though the little choices are what make the big ones possible.

Making the little choice every day to get up early and get right to work, enables you to eventually make the big choices such as where to live and what kind of work to do.

Little choices such as what to eat and how much exercise to get, will eventually determine how long and how well you live.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity. What you do with that opportunity is determined by the little choices you make along the way.

-Ralph Marston

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