Friday, November 6, 2009

Self Esteem

There is really not that much difference between a spectacularly (hebat) successful person and a dismal (teruk) failure. But the little difference there is, is crucial (penting). And the difference is self esteem (harga diri).

People who succeed are people who believe in themselves and value themselves. Successful people value their own time and they don't waste it. They value their health and they don't fill their bodies up with poison.

A well developed self esteem creates a confidence that enables successful people to avoid wasteful conflicts with others. Successful people sincerely respect and value other people, and that trait alone draws success to them like a magnet.

People who believe in themselves are willing to take responsibility for themselves. The losers in life blame their troubles on someone else, and by so doing, they give control of their lives to others. People who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives are always frustrated and depressed. They are professional victims.

Success does not take a long time to achieve. In fact, you can go from failure to success in an instant. All it takes is an attitude adjustment. All it takes is a willingness to believe in yourself and to take responsibility for yourself. As soon as you can do that, then you are a success.

You may not have a lot of money or fame or whatever, but that really doesn't matter. Because once you are truly successful, once you sincerely take responsibility for your own life, you can have whatever it is you want.

Nothing make you successful if success is not inside of you. Love the person you are enough to give love and respect to others, and your achievements will be unlimited.

-Ralph Marston

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