Monday, November 30, 2009

Pity, Need And Challenge

Why is it that when you really need more business, it is very difficult to find; and when you don't need any new business, it seems to come at you from every direction? Anyone who works in a sales position or runs a business has probably experienced this.

When you have plenty of business, and things are going great, you naturally attract people to you. All your activity stirs up even more activity. You're more confident, and people can definitely sense that. Nothing succeeds like success.

Many people operate from the perspective of need. They try to use their own need as a way to convince people to do business with them. That is a recipe for failure. No one wants to buy from someone who is desperate.

Don't ask or expect people to take pity on you. You might find some who will, but pity is the last thing you want. Pity is one of the most degrading things you can experience. When you accept pity, you are admitting to yourself and others that all hope is lost. That kind of mindset won't get you very far.

It is far better to be challenged than to be pitied. Challenge forces you to grow, to build, to create, to excel. Challenge can motivate. It can teach you new skills and help you make new contacts. It builds confidence and competence.

Seek out challenge, put forth the effort to meet the challenge, and you'll soon have more business than you can handle.

-Ralph Marston

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