Sunday, February 28, 2010

Find Peace Amid The Turmoil

Life often seems overwhelming. Constant deadlines, ever-increasing responsibilities, things that take twice as long as you thought they would. Tempers get short and people get frantic. Is this any way to work? Is this any way to live?

The pace of work gets faster and faster. Step back for a moment. Yes, it's urgent. But, in the overall context of your life, is it really that important?

You must learn to do your work, without letting your work do you. Your work is something you have chosen to do, for whatever reason, to add value to your life. Don't let it get to you. When you are overwhelmed -- that's when you most need to be productive and in control.

Worrying and fretting are complete waste of time. The more at peace you are, the more produtive and creative you'll be.

Keep things in perspective. Accept that you have a lot to do, accept that there will be problems, and then just do what needs to be done, with control and diligence.

- Ralph Marston

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