Monday, February 22, 2010


People love, value and honour a person of integrity.

Integrity will bring true peace of mind to one's life, along with a quality and richness of living. A life of integrity is a life that is full of accomplishment and meaning.

In any situation, we have several choices. We can choose to do the easiest thing, or choose to do "what everybody else does", or we can choose to do the right thing. Integrity means doing the right thing every time.

Integrity is a passionate commitment to the truth, in what we do, what we say, and in our relationships with others. When we are true to ourselves, we cannot be false to anyone else.

Integrity means acting to make the world as much better as you possibly can. It means discovering your own unique set of skills and abilities, and using them to achieve maximum benefit for those around you. It means finding what you do best, and doing it with all the commitment and energy you can muster. There is no better path to success and accomplishment than this.

-Ralph Marston

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