Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freedom Of Choice

"There is no better measure of a person,
than what he does,
when he is absolutely free"

-- Wilma Askinas

We all have things that we HAVE to do.

What do you do because you WANT to do it? That is what defines you. When you've run out of things that need to be done, do you know what to do with yourself?

Life gives us what we ask of it. People who know what they want to do, generally spend much of their time doing it. And those who don't really know what they want, spend much of their time in the service of someone else's dream.

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. If you blame others for the circumstances of your life, you give them power over you. You can never be free as long as you make other people responsible for your life.

Only when you accept the responsibility of guiding your own life, can you truly be free to live abundantly.

Choices, not chances, determine our destiny. Choose to spend your time on a life of excellence.

-Ralph Marston

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