Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting Past Denial

Many times we make problems worse by not wanting to even admit they exist. It seems easier to simply avoid the problem, rather than face up to it and deal with it. Ultimately, the avoidance becomes more painful than the original problem.

Ironically, the best way to limit life's pain, is to accept that some pain is necessary. Accept that life is full of problems, and that it is through the pain of resolving these problems, that we learn and grow.

Many people live in a constant state of denial, afraid of the pain it would cause to look their situation straight in the eye. Yet, as soon as you get past that denial, your situation has already improved.

You're able to see the mistakes you've made in the past, and to learn from your experience. You're able to clearly evaluate your current situation, and construct a workable, realistic plan for your life.

Realize that, though you are responsible for your actions, who you are is not defined by what you have done. Everyone makes mistakes. Detach yourself from your problems, and then look at them realistically, with the goal of solving them.

Life if full of challenges. Have the courage to look at them clearly, and you'll see that they are all opportunities in disguise.

-Ralph Marston

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