Sunday, January 3, 2010

Being Right

So much time and energy is spent by people trying to prove that they are right. What's the point?

Your attachment to "being right" can isolate you from others, and prevent you from exploring new possibilities.

A spirited debate is very stimulating, with each side making reasonable arguments in favor of a particular point of view. There is much to learn in such a discussion, if it is conducted in the spirit of finding new answers. If, however, the argument is just for the sake of "being right", to satisfy one's ego, then it is a waste of time, and often a counterproductive activity.

No one cares if you are right. No one likes to hear you say "I told you so." Being right, gets you nothing but resentment.

Instead, offer useful ideas and point of view in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. If you turn out to be right, people will know it. You don't have to remind them.

-Ralph Marston

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